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The True North Advantage

As a True North customer you have a distinct advantage - you can customize without compromise when purchasing your hot tub.

Customizing often means spending more to get exactly what you want - but with True North that's just not the case. As the only hot tub manufacturer in Southern Alberta, we manufacture our hot tubs onsite and on demand - this means you don't have to pay the added costs associated with factory mark-ups, delivery fees, tariffs or stocking you will encounter at other hot tub dealers.

And because our hot tubs are built in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, you know your hot tub will be built to withstand the Canadian climate. We know exactly what goes into each tub we make, and we go to great lengths to ensure that we use the best Canadian products available in manufacturing our hot tubs.

So not only do you get a Canadian-made, locally manufactured hot tub, you get it at a fantastic price.

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