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Chemicals & Water Care

Many factors can affect the look and feel of your hot tub water - bad chemistry causes tub troubles! Did you know eye irritation is not caused by too much chlorine, as is commonly believed? Eye irritation is actually caused by the chemical imbalance in the water, such as low alkalinity, pH levels being too high/low or an increase in organic compounds combined with free chlorine!

We carry the water care products to help maintain your hot tub water's optimum chemical balance, and will work with you to troubleshoot your water issues to find a solution.

pH is the most important chemical factor hot tub owners deal with. Fortunately it's the easiest to adjust and control! Here's a quick reference guide of problems caused by incorrect pH levels:

Low pH Causes

High pH Causes

Eye irritationCloudy water
Corrosion of metal componentsEye irritation
Disruption of total alkalinityScale formation
Rapid chlorine lossShortened filter runs
Etched acrylicDecreased chlorine effectiveness
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