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Hot Tub Care

Re-stain cedar skirting each year

Re-stain your cedar skirting every year. We apply a coat of stain to seal the cedar on all of our hot tub skirting, but to maintain proper protection and moisture levels in the wood, stain should be applied on a yearly basis. We recommend Olympic Maximum Natural Dark Cedar stain.

Keep your hot tub cover clean

Keep your hot tub cover clean and free of debris. As a guideline, you should completely hose down and clean your hot tub cover every time you drain and refill your tub. By rinsing both sides you remove not only dirt but any residual chemicals from the underside of the cover as well. We sell cleaning products that will clean your cover without damaging it.

Remove any snow, water or leaves accumulating on top of your hot tub cover as soon as possible. By removing this excess weight, you can help prevent any structural damage to the cover.

Have your tub inspected yearly

Your hot tub should have an inspection every spring. We would be happy to schedule an inspection to ensure everything is in great working order.

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