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Hot Tub Installation

Prior to purchase:

Contact your local city or town hall regarding required permits and guidelines for installation according to local bylaws. Arrange to have a Master Electrician visit your home and confirm your requirements. True North Hot Tubs can offer referrals upon request.

"City of Calgary Hot Tub Permit Requirements"

Hot Tub Installation

The Master Electrician will have to draw any necessary permits. All electrical work must be completed prior to delivery of your tub. Following delivery, a final electrical hook-up and inspection from a city/town inspector must be arranged by you as the home owner.

Prior to installation:

Consider where you will put your hot tub. If you intend to put the tub on a deck surface, ensure the structure can properly support the full weight of the tub, including water.

Another option is to install a cement or gravel pad, which an independent contractor can help you with prior to the delivery of your tub.

You should also consider the following when planning your hot tub's backyard installation:

  • Location of your tub in relation to fences, gates, electrical services and plumbing
  • The view from your tub, as well as the appearance of the tub itself
  • Appropriate drainage to compensate for overflow and splashing
  • A safe, dry storage area for all your chemicals and supplies
  • Shelter from the elements and privacy when using your tub
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